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At London Clinical Courses we recognize the value of every student and are guided by our commitment to excellence and service. We strive to provide excellent available educational resources to international medical graduates and local NHS physicians. Building a work environment where each person is valued, respected and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth. We have a close eye on recent paradigm shifts in the structured examination formats and delighted to offer our integrated programs of teaching and research exam preparation.

  • Our distinguished faculty is highly experienced in the test preparation industry. All our doctors are currently working in NHS as specialist, registrar level and experienced academic physicians, provide first-hand experiences of examinations process and working conditions in the NHS.

  • We provide most updated content and insight into recent structured examinations trends.

  • We offer teaching in small groups where focus is on foster interactive learning environment and enhance overall knowledge.

  • Our curriculum offers most intuitive, simple and focused aspect of exam preparation.

  • Our eminent and renowned physician-instructors remember vividly the challenges linked with the exams preparations process. It would be fair to say “ we were also in your shoes”. 

Our Teaching Activities


  a) In less than 3 years time we have conducted 16 successful MRCEM C OSCE Courses

b)  We have conducted 4 OSCE courses in Dubai

c) We have track record of >85% success rate in MRCEM

d) We are conducting at least one OSCE course before every exam


a) We Conducted First FRCEM intermediate SAQ  course in Dubai on 28/08/2017

b) We aim to conduct one SAQ course before every exam diet

One to One Career Guidance sessions:

We also conducted one to one career guidance sessions in August 2017  with those doctors who were in complex financial and social circumstances

EBEEM  Part B OSCE Course

  We are conducting EBEEM part B OSCE course this year for the first time in Brussels Belgium , Brussels will be exam Centre as well, to facilitate candidates we will be conducting 2 days course before every exam just few days before exam in same city so that candidates don't have to make separate  travel arrangements


We proudly claim that we  are  the first  London based institute to conduct 7 days PLAB 2 course outside UK .

And our first overseas  PLAB 2 Course will be in Pakistan

6-12th  January 2018 .

Career Guidance Sessions

We are actively involved in career guidance to junior doctors and medical students, we recently conducted  3 career guidance seminars in Government University Hospitals of Karachi Pakistan, in the month of August 2017 more than 1000 medical professionals attended these sessions , we aim to conduct similar sessions  in future in other countries.

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