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7 Days Course Outline for PLAB

London Clinical Courses

DAY1 Morning Session 

Medicine And Pediatrics History Taking

8:00 – 8:30 

Introduction with all delegates and instructor.

London clinical courses as an organization.                                

Why we selected Pakistan as our first overseas venue.

Aims and objectives of this course.

8:30 -  9:00                                                                                                                                  

Introduction of PLAB 2 exam and its components

Examiner expectations and  global marks from

examiner ,patient expectations and global marks 

from patient , non verbal techniques to score maximum             

marks. Common mistakes overseas doctors do and how

to avoid them. A brief overview of OSCEs.

Components of Structured  PLAB 2 marking sheet

9:00 - 9:15  First Tea Break  


9:15  - 10:00

Pre course medicine history  taking mocks assessment                 

and Individual feedbacks will be given


10:00 - 11:00 

Standard teaching will be done by senior NHS clinicians

on medicine history taking skills, how to approach station,

how to establish rapport  with patient, how to formulate          

diagnosis and explain management plan. List of common

PLAB 2 medical history stations will be discussed.

11:00 - 11:15 2nd Tea Break Second


11:15 - 12:00

Pre Course Pediatrics History taking mocks assessment.



Standard teaching will be done by senior NHS clinicians on

How to take Pediatrics history, how its different from adult,                               

how to deal with child safeguarding issues, non accidental

injuries, physical , sexual and social abuse scenarios.

13:00 -14:00 Lunch  Break

During lunch break individual feedbacks will be given,                                       

weaknesses  and strengths of individuals will be discussed

Day 1 Afternoon Session:

Surgery/ Ortho/ Gynae History

14:00 - 14:30

Pre Teaching Mocks Assessment Surgical Hx taking skills  


14:30 - 15:30 

Standard teaching will be done by senior NHS clinician on

how to take a surgical history, how its different and what                                        

extra points need to be addressed, list of surgical

presentations will be discussed in detail

15:30 - 1600

Standard teaching on how to take orthopedic history,  

what extra points need to be covered. List of common                                      

orthopedic history stations will be taught by senior NHS


16:00 -16:15 Tea Break Third    


16:15 -17:00 

Pre teaching mocks for  Gynae  and Obstetrics history

taking skills          


1700 to 1800

Senior NHS clinician will be teaching standard approach

on how to take Gynae history, sexual history and how to

assess needle stick injuries,how these stations are different,

what extra things examiner is looking for,and how to

formulate management plan.

 18:00  End of Day 1  


Day 2 Morning Session:

BLS, ATLS and Orthopedics 

Medical Examinations

8:00 -9:00  

Pre Teaching Mocks   Adult   and Paeds BLS                                                                             

ATLS and Ortho Examinations


9:00 to 9:15 Morning Tea  


9:15 to 11:00

Standard approach will be taught by senior NHS

clinician on BLS Paeds, BLS adult and ATLS,                                                          

list of common PLAB 2 scenarios will be taught

by senior NHS clinician and common cause of failures

will be discussed in detail.

11:00 to 11:15 :Tea Break                                                                                 

Orthopedic Examinations Standard approach

how to examine shoulder, neck ,back ,

wrist, elbow , knee and hip


12:15 to 13:00

Pre teaching Mocks  on Medical Systemic  Examination


13:00 to 14:00 :Lunch Break :

Individual discussion with candidates regarding their

weaknesses and strengths, constructive feedbacks and                                        

advise will be given

Day 2 : Afternoon Session 

 Medical Examinations and

Sim Man Teaching

14:00 to 16:00 

Systemic Medical examinations:

8 most common medical examination stations                                                           

will be taught by senior NHS clinician

16:00 to 16:15  Tea Break                                                                                                            


16:15 to 1800

Sim Man teaching

All 4 common PLAB 2 Sim man scenarios will

 be taught Standard approach will be shown in

simulated settings.

Session Ends at  1800


Day 3 Morning Session

Mannequin Mocks and Teaching

8:00 -9:00

Pre Course mannequin mock assessment                                                                    


9:00 -9:15

Morning Tea                                                                                                                


9:15 -10:00

Standard approach will be shown on how to

approach mannequin,how to do pre procedure talk,

significance of trolley preparation, how to perform a

procedure on mannequin and what  post procedure  

advise need to be given to patient

10:00 -11:00

Procedure on 4 mannequins will be taught by senior

NHS clinicians                    

11:00 - 11:15 Tea Break                                                                                                                   


11:15 - 12:15 

4 more mannequins will be taught be senior

NHS clinician                                       


12:15 -13:00

FAQs and Q/A session on mannequin teachings

Common mistakes. Common failing points and                                                         

How to avoid them

13:00 -14:00

Lunch Break:

Individuals strengths and weakness will be

discussed,constructive feedbacks will be given                                                                         

Afternoon session Mannequin


14:00 -16:00

Full hand on practice on mannequins will be provided.

Individual mannequin will be allocated to each individual,                                      

candidate can rotate in circuit and practice, This whole  

session will be supervised by Senior NHS clinician

16:15 -18:00Tea Break


16:15 -18:00

Mannequin Mocks                                                                                                        


Day 4:

Communication and Counselling Skills



8:00 -9:00

Communication and counselling skills (CCS)

Medicine stations ( Mocks)            


9:00 -9:15 

Tea Break                                                                                                                           


9:15 -11:00 

Teaching Medicine CCS                                                                                               

11:00 -11:15

Tea Break                                                                                                       

11:15  - 12:00 

Paeds communication and counselling( CSS) Mocks                                               

12:00 - 13:00

Paeds CCS teaching by NHS Uk Consultant                                                          

Lunch break                                                                                                            

13:00 - 14:00

Psychiatry CCS pre course mocks                                                                         

14:00 -14:30

Psychiatry CCS Stations teaching by Consultant                                                   

16:00 - 16:15

Tea Break                                                                                                                   

16:15  - 1700

Gynae Obs CCS pre course mocks                                                                          

17:00 - 18:00

Gynae Obs CCS teaching by NHS Consultant                                                        


Day 5 PLAB  2 Course Conflict

Resolution, Consent Taking

Breaking Bad News,Telephonic


8:00 - 9:00 

Pre Course Conflict  Resolution Mocks


9:00 - 9:15

Tea Break                                                                                                                  

9:15 - 11:00

Conflict Resolution Teaching

a)     Conflict with colleague

b)    Conflict with Patient

c)     Conflict with Parents or Relatives                                                                    

d)    Medical Error/negligence

e)     Patient wish to do self discharge


11:00 - 11:15 

Tea Break                                                                                                                 

11:15 - 11:45    

Pre Course Mocks Breaking Bad News                                                                    

11:45 - 13:00

Breaking Bad News

Teaching by NHS Consultant

a)Inoperable condition discuss with relatives

b)Sudden Death                                                                                                     

c)Giving diagnosis of life long debilitating


d)To discuss severely unwell or injured 

   child with parents or patient


13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break    

14:00 - 14:30                                                                                                                                        

Consent Taking Pre Teaching Mocks                                                                   

14:30 - 1500

Consent Taking In NHS teaching by senior NHS clinician.

Consent from minors, Gillick Competency and Fraser’s law                                 

15:00 - 15:30

Telephonic Conversation Pre Teaching Mocks                                                 

Telephonic conversation teaching:

a)     Conversation with Nurse regarding patient                                                   

b)    Conversation with on call consultant

c)     Conversation with worried parents

d)    Conversation with care home nursing staff

       regarding patient

15:00 - 15:30

Tea break        


16:15 - 18:00

Past 1 year PLAB 2 exam discussion Q/A                                                               

Day 6 MOCKS Day,  4 Mocks full day                                


8:00 - 08:30

All PLAB 2 mocks will be based on most recent PLAB 2 exams

Group Allocations And Mock orientation lecture by consultant           

How to approach Mock exams Importance of understanding task

Role player expectations Examiner Expectations Do’s and Dont’s

Common causes of Failure


8:30 -8:45

Tea Break                                                                                                                   

8:45 - 9:00

Groups Allocation                                                                                                    


9:00  - 11:15 First Mocks

Group A will perform                                                                                                

Group B will Observe and feedback.

11:15 - 11:30

Tea Break                                                                           


11: 30 - 13:45 Second Mock

Group B will perform                                                                                               

Group A will Observe                   


13:45 - 14:30

Lunch break

Individual feedbacks will be given to candidates during lunch                          


14:30- 16:00 Third Mock

Group A mannequin Mocks                                                                                    

Group B will be Observer

16:00 -16:15

Tea Break                                                                                                                 

16:15 - 17:45 Fourth Mock


Group B Mannequin Mock

Group A will  observe and feedback                                                                   

 17:45 - 18:00

Debriefing and Closing                                                                                         

Day 7 Last Day of PLAB 2 course

Morning Session :  2 Mock

8:00 - 8:30

Morning tea                                                                                             


8:30 - 11:00

Group A Mocks

Group B observe and feedback                                                                     

11:00 - 11:15

Tea Break                                                                               


11:15  - 13:30

Group B mock

Group A observe and feedback                                                                          


13:30 -14:30                         

Lunch Break                                                                                   


Afternoon Session 14:30 to 18:00

1)A general overview and summary of full PLAB 2

exam and course will be given.                                                                                                                             


2) Detail discussion on last 1 year PLAB 2 exam stations,

including inside story of common PLAB 2 stations,

how patients were, what challenging questions they asked

and how candidate should deal with them.           


3) More learning resources will be given, including various

PLAB 2 material available in UK.


4) Question and answer session with teachers


5) We will make a what’s app group and continue to support

you all throughout your UK journey not just for PLAB 2 exam,

we will continue to share important stuff and PLAB 2 stations

on our what’s app group


6) Opportunity to provide us feedback regarding course

( mandatory)


For our first PLAB 2 course in Pakistan we are giving money

back guarantee without any terms and conditions..


Our faculty is fully aware of old and new PLAB 2 pattern,

all teachings will be done on new PLAB 2 pattern and will

entirely be PLAB 2 focus , we will make sure all our faculty

and delegates restrict their teaching to PLAB 2 exam only.


Most Important: We will send course material 2 weeks before

the course and we expect all doctors to read full course material

thoroughly so that you can participate well and give your best

performance during pre course mocks.


We aim to teach 250 to 300 PLAB 2 stations in 7 days, therefore

stations which we will teach during first few days will not be

repeated during pre teaching or post teaching mocks, so every

day will be new , so please make sure you attend full course, .

We have invited native British doctor Dr Clara Oliver to teach in

this course, she will be focusing mainly on teaching communication,

counselling and conflict resolution skills, she will also be acting as a

patient /simulator during mock examination, this will help Pakistani

doctors to get familiar  with British accent.


               IN PAKISTAN

                 BY NHS UK


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