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MRCEM OSCE Course London Fact to Face    Fee £700 
MRCEM OSCE Course London Online    Fee £550

Course Duration 3 Days


This 3 long days course is designed specifically to cover all relevant aspects of RCEM curriculum for MRCEM/FRCEM intermediate OSCES .More than 150 OSCE stations will be covered by experienced consultants in 3 long days, all teachings will be interactive and face to face. Constructive feedbacks will be given to candidate and structured approach will be shown by a consultant after each session.


Our experienced consultants have designed a simplified approach for every component of this OSCE exam . We will cover all resuscitation stations ALS, ATLS,  APLS and NLS.


We do one to one interaction with every single candidate, We have designed special structured format to  teach all components of exam , including  psychiatric assessment of mental health patient, communication skills, breaking bad news, conflicts resolution, explaining diagnosis to patient or relative, history taking skills, orthopedic and medical examinations skills,  emergency procedure skills , teaching skills and resuscitation skills will also be covered comprehensively.

The most important thing which makes our course exceptional is that we don't only assess, teach, conduct mocks and give feedback but at the end  of every session we give you standard simplified approach for each and every component of exam.

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