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FRCEM Finals



Many doctors consider this component as the most difficult part of whole FRCEM, To help candidate get through this toughest exam smoothly ,we have designed 2 long days course , format of FRCEM final OSCE is more or less similar to FRCEM intermediate OSCEs with few variations, for example , Resuscitation stations will be double stations means candidate will be extensively assessed for longer period of time compare to FRCEM intermediate OSCES, moreover conflict or difficult referral part may also be associated with all resuscitation scenarios. For example senior surgeon is refusing to take your unstable patient to theatre for surgery.


As mentioned above FRCEM final OSCEs is very much similar to MRCEM/Intermediate OSCE  but here candidate will be assessed more thoroughly on leadership skills, communications and management skills,  more complex variety of conflicts like , Police officer requesting patient notes, Minor girl pregnancy, Domestic violence case, Sexual abuse case , conflict with bed manager and other communication scenarios.


All these scenarios require more senior input, standard approach will be shown for all relevant  component FRCEM final OSCEs.

Course Duration : 2 Days

Venue= London

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