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LCC FRCEM Primary 


Doctor Teaching on Seminar
  • 3 Courses Per Year 

  • Live 1-2 Interaction 

  • 3 Hours Session 

  • 3 Days a week

  • 1 Month Duration

Comprehensive Course Material

In Line With RCEM Guidelines

NHS UK EM Faculty

Course Dates : 




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We are glad to share  that our team has formulated approximately 1000 themes from past FRCEM papers and mocks which we will proudly teach during our 1 month FRCEM primary course. After attending this course candidates will be fully aware of exam pattern  and will surely be more confident in answering SBQA.

What makes our course different ?   

We did active research on this exam, we reviewed entire RCEM curriculum for FRCEM primary Exam, we simplified and  summarized complex themes  in one single sentence and made it easy to understand for candidates.

The main emphasis of the FRCEM Primary examination is on basic clinical sciences, 

  • Anatomy (50-60 questions)

  • Physiology (50- 60 questions)

  • Pharmacology (20 -25 questions)

  • Microbiology (15-20 questions)

  • Pathology (5-10questions)

  • Evidence-Based Medicine ( 2-5 Questions

  • The FRCEM Primary examination is sat twice yearly. The paper is three hours long and comprises 180 SBAQs. Each SBAQ will consist of a question followed by five choices, of which only one will be correct.

  • Our Course will be fully conducted by EM specialist from NHS UK,

  • Online sessions will be conducted on CISCO WebEx /Zoom meeting, candidates will be able to interact live with tut

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