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FRCEM SAQ Intermediate


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This 2 days course is designed specifically to cover most relevant themes of FRCEM intermediate SAQs which have appeared in previous exams. Our faculty has reviewed more than 10 years of past FRCEM/MRCEM/ EM exam papers and has designed this unique course which is based exclusively on past papers.


We take pride in saying that we have a team of consultants who are actively involved in  teaching and are familiar with whole FRCEM exam. All our consultants are full time EM clinicians and have vast experience of managing all common EM presentations, they are  up to date with all recent guidelines which are heavily tested in FRCEM SAQ exam.


Aim of this course is not just to go through 100s of SAQs but to teach logic  behind each SAQ,  like , why this SAQ is important? and how a senior registrar should write a suitable answer , for example  ,

Q) Management of Pre eclampsia , Write 5 important steps   1) oxygen, 2)I/V Access, 3) I/V Fluids, 4) BP Control  5) urine check for proteins. All above measures are correct but candidate will not score good marks , as  a senior EM Clinician correct response should be, 

1) Call for expert help ( obstetrician,  neonatologist, anaesthetist) 2) I/V labetalol 10mg     3) I/V MgS04 to prevent seizures 4)CTG for foetal monitoring and 5) Plan urgent Delivery.

Key point is ” your answer should match RCEM answer key” and that’s what we will teach.

We will aim to teach more than 400 SAQs in 2 days, all themes will be based on  past FRCEM/MRCEM exams.

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