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London FRCEM Final SAQ Course 29th -30th August 2020
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FRCEM final SAQs is specifically designed to assess knowledge of EM physicians  at consultant level, It covers wide range of EM presentations as per  RCEM curriculum and guidelines, following are the most commonly assessed topics in exam

  • Resuscitation ,Anaesthetics ,Wound Management , Head Injury ,  Chest Trauma ,

  • Abdominal Trauma ,   Spinal Injury ,       Maxillo-facial Trauma,     Burns Upper

  • limb , Lower limb ,  Pelvis Vascular Emergencies , Abdominal conditions,  Urology,

  • STDs , Eye problems , ENT condition , Dental Emergencies,  Gynaecology Obstetrics

  • Cardiology , Respiratory Medicine, Neurological Emergencies ,  Hepatic Disorders

  • Toxicology ,     Acid Base and ventilations ,  Fluid and Electrolyte ,    Renal Disease

  • Diabetes and Endocrinology ,    Haematology Infectious,     Diseases and Sepsis

  •  Dermatology ,  Rheumatology , Child Protection,  Child in Special Circumstances

  • Neonatology   Environmental Emergencies   Oncology Psychiatry , Major Incident

  • Management   Legal Aspects of Emergency Medicine.


SAQs from all above mentioned topics appears in exam as a long clinical scenario with lots of important points, including signs, symptoms , blood results , ECGs, relevant X rays and CT scans, All these data requires interpretation and analysis at consultant level, answers should be short, precise and must match RCEM answer keys.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar


Here its important to mention, that time management is a key factor in this exam, stems are very long and requires lot of data interpretation, common mistakes candidates do during their  preparation is , they try to read everything or anything randomly which is not required, this exam needs focused preparation , Team LCC has done all the hard work to hep you prepare for prepare this exam, we have reviewed past 15 years RCEM exams, Deanery mock exams and RCEM curriculum to prepare this course.

Faculty                  =       UK EM Consultants

Course Venue      =       London TBC

Course Duration  =      2 days

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